Fun Summer Time Treats For Braces!

If you’ve started your smile journey this summer, you may be having difficulty navigating what you can and can’t enjoy this season. It’s important to carefully choose foods that won’t cause damage to your braces or are difficult to clean. Dr. Gage and our friendly staff at LevelUp Orthodontics understand the nuances that come along with aligning your smile and want to share some helpful tips on choosing treats that will keep your gums healthy and your belly happy this summer!

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Finished Treatment? Learn About The Importance Of The Retention Phase!

After undergoing orthodontic treatment, the excitement and satisfaction we experience once we finally get our braces removed are undoubtedly unmatched. However, most of us don’t understand that having our braces removed isn’t the end of our orthodontic treatment journey.

After this removal, you will officially begin the most important stage of your orthodontic journey, the retention phase! According to the American Association of Orthodontists, this is a very critical stage in the orthodontic treatment process to keep your smile happy and healthy! 

Our team at LevelUp Orthodontics wants you to know what the retention phase entails and why it is essential to your smile!

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How Early Orthodontic Treatment Can Help Your Child’s Smile

As your child grows, you need to make sure all aspects of their health are in check, and that includes their oral health. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends children visit an orthodontist by the age of seven. Misaligned teeth can impact your child later in life if not corrected in time. Your child can also develop other health issues if their jaws don’t develop correctly. At LevelUp Orthodontics, Dr. Gage can help give your child their best smile. 

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How To Get A Beautiful Smile For Your Wedding

Make a Plan!  Let’s face it, everyone wants to look good for their wedding! If you aren’t satisfied with your smile, then why compromise? LevelUp Orthodontics offers a variety of customized treatment plans to help you feel even more confident on your special day. Dr. Gage and our team of orthodontic professionals are dedicated to helping our patients LevelUp their…

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Retaining Your Smile After Orthodontic Treatment

The essence of orthodontic treatment is to align your teeth and enhance your smile. Smiling boosts our moods and helps our bodies release endorphins and cortisol that provide numerous benefits. Including lowering your blood pressure and making you feel happier.  At LevelUp Orthodontics, we understand that improper teeth alignment can reduce your chances of having a confident smile. We have…

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